Super Mind 2 student,teacher and workbook

این مطلب دربرگیرنده فایل PDF و ازمونهای استانداردسوپرمایند 2 Super Mind از مجموعه آموزش زبان Super Mind است که توسط انتشارات کمبریج به چاپ رسیده است.این مجموعه در هفت سطح به چاپ رسیده است و از ان می توان در دوره های کودکان به نوجوانان استفاده کرد.

Super Mind 2 is An exciting, seven-level course that enhances young learners’ thinking skills, sharpening their memory while improving their language skills.

This exciting seven-level course, from a highly experienced author team, enhances your students’ thinking skills, improving their memory along with their language skills.

This Level 2 Student’s Book includes visualization exercises to develop creativity, cross-curriculum thinking with fascinating ‘English for school’ sections and lively stories that explore social values.

The fabulous DVD-ROM features animated stories, interactive games and activities including videokes, lively songs with karaoke versions, and fun activities focusing on each unit’s vocabulary and grammar.

کتاب زبان اموز سوپر مایند ۲ – Super Mind 2 Student’s Book

کتاب کار سوپر مایند ۲ – Super Mind 2 Workbook

کتاب استاد سوپر مایند ۲ – Super Mind 2 teacher’s Book

ازمونهای استاندارد سوپر مایند ۲ – Super Mind 2 Exam Package