"> Easy Talking Trinity 1 Student Book PDF

Easy Talking Trinity 1 Student Book PDF

easy talking trinity 1

Easy Talking Trinity 1 Student Book

Easy Talking Trinity is a three-level speaking series for young learners of English. There are ten lessons for each book. Each lesson focuses on a conversational topic from the Trinity GESE (Graded Exam of Spoken English) syllabus. Easy Talking Trinity motivates students to improve their speaking skills through fun and interactive topic-based lessons.


Clear and easy-to-follow lesson flow
Function and topic-based speaking Lessons
Cumulative dialogue expression practice
Fun and engaging illustrations
Collaborative and interactive learning through pair work
Personalization to consolidate and extend the target language
Practical Teacher’s Manual providing:
– Clear and easy-to-follow instructions
– Extra speaking activities (Lead-in Activity & Wrap-up Activity)
– A practical guide to classroom management