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دانلود کتاب دانش آموز و استاد IELTS Masterclass

IELTS Masterclass Student Book, Teacher Book and Audio Files are included in this post.

مطلب حاضر دربرگیرنده کتاب زبان اموز IELTS Masterclass ، کتاب استاد IELTS Masterclass  ، فایلهای صوتی IELTS Masterclass  می باشد .این مجموعه توسط انتشارات آکسفورد در سال 2006 به چاپ رسیده است که در سال 2010 تجدید چاپ شده است.

کتاب IELTS Masterclass Oxford

از کتاب های شناخته شده در زمینه آموزش آیلتس است که بصورت فصل به فصل(مجموعا 14 فصل) به آموزش مهارت های اصلی آیلتس همچون Sentence Completion, Note and Form Completion, Matching Lists, classification, Labeling a Map, Multiple Choice Questions, Thinking Skills, Word Formation میپردازد.

IELTS Masterclass

is for those higher-level students who are aiming for a high score – particularly if they want to get into university. It encourages them to use language independently, with real confidence, and motivates them to think broadly. The online practice test in each Student’s Book will give your students a realistic taste of the exam itself, helping them prepare for success.

Key Features

  • Topic development aims to get students thinking about key issues
  • Develops micro-skills beyond exam practice
  • IELTS task types progressively introduced, emphasizing similarities in skills required
  • Language syllabus is suitable for IELTS and other academic contexts too
  • ‘Help Yourself’ sections help students plan their own study
  • Students’ website provides photocopiable downloads for further self-study, including a practice test, sample written answers and useful links
  • Online IELTS Practice Test features automatic marking and instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, exam tips, and more.

***  IELTS Masterclass Student Book

*** IELTS Masterclass Teacher Book

***  IELTS Masterclass Audio Files

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