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مجموعه Insight در 5 سطح با لهجه بریتیش ویژه دوره نوجوانان توسط انتشارات آکسفورد به چاپ رسیده است.مجموعه Insight سطوح مقدماتی تا پیشرفته را در برمی گیرد.

Insight is a new five-level British English course for secondary students. It is a thought-provoking course which will challenge your students to reach their full potential.

Level: Elementary to Advanced (A1-C1)

insight Student’s Book is packed full of interesting, thought provoking topics and information rich texts which challenge students’ opinions. Speaking tasks encourage your students to express their own opinions and to reflect on the information they have read and heard, really engaging with the material.

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Insight Elementary Student Book

Insight Elementary Teacher Book


Insight Pre-intermediate Student Book

Insight Pre-intermediate Teacher Book


Insight Intermediate Student Book

Insight Intermediate Teacher Book


Insight Upper-intermediate Student Book

Insight Upper-intermediate Teacher Book

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