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دانلود کتابهای استاد In Focus

کتابهای استاد In Focus جهت رفاه مربیان و مدرسان زبان تالیف شده است که با استفاده از این کتاب بتوانند در آموزش بهتر و با کیفیت زبان انگلیسی فعالیت نمایند.

In Focus

is a corpus-informed, three-level (pre-intermediate through high intermediate) EFL course aimed at university and college students.

It is designed to build vocabulary, reading, discussion, presentation, and critical thinking skills. It is supplemented by a comprehensive range of dedicated digital components, which offer great flexibility and help to speed language acquisition. Each Student’s Book contains 12 topic-based units. Topics include Population, Environment, Sports, News, Fashion, Technology, Climate Change, and Gender Equality.

In Focus 1 Teacher Book

In Focus 2 Teacher Book

In Focus 3 Teacher Book

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