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دانلود کتاب زبان آموز Happy World 2

Happy World 2 PDF

دراین مطلب در ادامه بارگزاری مجموعه اموزشی هپی (Happy ) کتاب زبان آموز هپی ورلد 2 (Happy World 2) نسخه امریکن (Happy world 2 American English student’s book ) را برروی سایت قرار داده ایم.لازم به ذکر است فایل اسکن شده با فرمت PDF و توسط نرم افزار winrar فشرده شده است.

سطوح قبلی سری کتابهای هپی (happy ) پیشتر برروی سایت بارگزاری شده است.

The Happy series is an eight-level American English course, that’s perfectly in step with your students development.

The Happy Series uses different kinds of learning strategies to match children’s changing development and learning styles.

Start the learning journey in the reassuring setting of Happy House.

Introduce children to reading and writing English in the wider world of Happy Street.

Explore a world of fascinating facts with the topic-based approach of Happy World.

And introduce children to the big issues that affect every child on earth and prepare them for exams with Happy Earth.

With Happy, you’ll have happy students at all levels of primary!


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