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دانلود کتاب Kid Friendly Joke

دانلود کتاب Kid Friendly Joke

در این بخش دانلود کتاب Kid Friendly Joke  را برای کاربران عزیز بارگذاری کرده ایم.

در این کتاب 200 مطلب خنده دار و با مزه برای زبان آموزان جمع آوری شده است.

در این کتاب شما یاد می گیرید که با شوخی شروع به صحبت کنید یا کلمات بامزه و خنده دار را بین اعداد ریاضی قرار دهید و نیز کمک می کند که دانش آموزان به فکر وادار می کند.

Kid Friendly Joke

Happy, smiling children make for eager, engaged learners. With the myriad of testing and assessments that take place throughout the school year, it is nice to have a moment each day to make kids smile. Whether you start the morning off with a joke or fit it in between math and reading lessons, a kid-friendly joke, tongue twister, or riddle helps lighten the mood and gets your students thinking outside the box.

Jokes and riddles offer a great segue into multiple word meanings, homophones, language manipulation, alliteration, and more. Need a new way to grab your ESL/ ELL students’ attention? Try telling them a joke. Want to challenge your students to use language in different ways? Ask them to write jokes and riddles. The inherent “fun factor” of jokes makes them an easy sell and much less intimidating than asking students to write a paragraph.

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