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سری کتابهای  Topics اطلاعات واقعی را در قالب مجلات مدرن ارائه می دهد.  کتابهای Macmillan Magazine دیدگاه افراد را در دنیای مدرن به چالش می کشد.

متن ها و تصاویر موجود در بخش  کتابهای Macmillan Magazine Topics به صورت به روز می باشد و سعی شده تا به دیدگاه افراد نزدیک باشد. مجلات Topics توسط انتشارات Macmillan به چاپ رسیده است.

The Topics series presents factual information in a modern magazine format. It offers challenging insights into the modern intercultural world from a teenager’s viewpoint.
Written in direct, up-to-date English, the texts and illustrations are closely integrated for maximum impact.

Key Features

  • The reader’s personal experience is placed at the center of the reading process.
  • The articles present a variety of text-types, styles and formats.
  • Topics related to science, history and the arts provide specialized information and viewpoints.
  • A Word File glossary of key vocabulary on each page gives essential “while reading” lexical
    support, with common American and British English differences noted.
  • A Check it Out section provides an up-to-date checklist of specialist language, plus useful websites.
  • Mini-projects and Investigation Points at the end of each article encourage the readers to research further.
  • A Projects section provides ideas for more extensive projects.
  • A light-hearted Quiz page gives more opportunities for discovery and fun.


Magazine Topics Animal

animal  Magazine Topics Animal PDF


Magazine Topics Communication

communication Magazine Topics Communication PDF


Magazine Topics Consumers

consumers  Magazine Topics Consumers PDF


Magazine Topics Entertainment

entertainment  Magazine Topics Entertainment PDF


Magazine Topics Environment

Magazine Topics Environment PDF


Magazine Topics People

people  Magazine Topics People PDF


Magazine Topics Places

place  Magazine Topics Places PDF


Magazine Topics Sport

sport  Magazine Topics Sport PDF


Magazine Topics Travel and Tourism

travel  Magazine Topics Travel and Tourism PDF


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