کتاب Telling Talls in English

کتاب Telling Talls in English شامل صفحاتی از داستانهای خوب و دوست داشتنی همراه با فعالیتهای همراه و یادداشتهای مفصل معلمان می باشد، که برای استفاده زبان آموزان 8 تا 11 سال مناسب است.

داستانهای موجود در کتاب Telling Talls in English شامل داستانهای عامیانه و سنتی است که متناسب با توانایی ها و علایق گروه سنی هدف سازگار شده است. این کتاب شامل 30 درس هست که آموزش زبان و واژگان خاص را شامل می شود.

Telling Talls in English

Welcome to Telling Tales in English, a Delta Publishing resource book and cassette, aimed at teachers of young learners of English aged between 8 and I I years.This book contains 6 Photocopiable Stories, each accompanied by 5 Photocopiable Lessons and 5 pages ofTeachers Notes.
The accompanying cassette contains recordings of the stories,listening texts, songs and chants.

Children hear stories from an early age in their own culture and these stories provide a rich source of motivating material for use in the English classroom.

The stories included here are traditional folk tales, which have been adapted to suit the language ability and interest of the target age group.The 30 Photocopiable Lessons contain a wide variety of activities which practise specific language and vocabulary. While young children are keen to learn,and acquire new vocabulary easily, their attention spans are short and they need to have language constantly recycled.
These stories provide this revision in an exciting way and as such can be used to supplement any main course or form part of a topicbased project .

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