SAT Subject Test Physics

دانلود ویرایش چهارم کتاب SAT Subject Test Physics

کتاب SAT Subject Test Physics جهت آمادگی شرکت در آزمون SAT با محوریت موضوع فیزیک به ویرایش چهارم رسیده است که دربرگیرنده 3 آزمون کامل بهمراه بررسی دقیق و نکات کاربردی است .


Barron’s SAT Subject Test Physics is updated to reflect the current test and features three full-length practice tests along with detailed content review and expert tips to help students improve their score.
This edition includes:
One diagnostic test to determine strengths and weaknesses
Three complete SAT Subject Tests in Physics, which reflect the most recent actual tests in length, subject matter, and degree of difficulty
Answers and explanations for all questions
Self-assessment guides after each test so students can measure their progress
Extensive subject review covering all topics on the test, including mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics, thermodynamics, and more.
Online Practice Test: Students also get access to one brand new, full-length online practice test with all questions answered and explained.

دانلود ویرایش چهارم کتاب SAT Subject Test Physics

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