BEC Higher Testbuilder

مطلب حاضر دربرگیرنده کتاب و فایل صوتی BEC Higher Testbuilder از انتشارات مک میلان می باشد که به منظور آماده سازی آزمون سطح پیشرفته Bussiness Language است.

The “BEC Higher Testbuilder” comprises the book itself, including all answer keys and listening transcripts, plus an audio CD. This is an effective, no-nonsense exam practice book – accurate, authentic and helpful, but with limited classroom use.

BEC Higher is the most difficult of the three Cambridge Business English Certificates, rated at a similar level to CAE, or an IELTS band score of 6.5-7. Obviously, the main readers of this book would be either students considering taking the exam, or their teachers. Although it is always possible to use materials for other purposes, this book is very exam-focused and would not transfer naturally to other contexts.

کتاب BEC Higher Testbuilder

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