Gold B1 Preliminary Coursebook

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کتابهای Gold B1 Preliminary جهت آمادگی آزمون Preliminary (PET) براساس تغییرات سال 2020 می باشد.پیشتر دیگر کتابهای Gold برروی سایت قرار گرفته است.

Gold B1 Preliminary provides focused exam preparation, in line with 2020 B1 Preliminary exam requirements.

It provides:
a fast-paced syllabus with comprehensive exam coverage for the B1 Preliminary exam
stimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussion
thorough skills training with a strong emphasis on vocabulary learning
extensive writing support, including full reference with sample answers
a unit-by-unit grammar reference section
a full practice test

New in this edition:
Updated content tailored to the 2020 exam specifications
A full practice test in the Coursebook
Audio scripts in the back of the book
MyEnglishLab written specifically for Gold B1 Preliminary
Speaking test videos plus worksheet.

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