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دانلود فایل PDF کتاب زبان آموز Compact Advanced

Compact Advanced book provides C1-level students with thorough preparation and practice of the grammar, vocabulary, language skills, topics and exam skills needed for success in the revised Cambridge English: Advanced exam.

این کتاب مناسب زبان اموزان سطح C 1 یا همان سطح پیشرفته است و مناسب دوره آمادگی آزمون CAE است.این  کتاب در 10 درس و در این درسها به بررسی و توضیح چهار آزمون CAE هماهنگ با ویرایش 2015 این آزمون می باشد.هر درس دربرگیرنده چهار مهارت Reading ، Listening ، Speaking و Writing است.

Compact Advanced Student book

Ten units cover all four exam papers, focusing on one part of each paper in each unit. Reading and Listening texts cover all core topics. Writing tasks include both sample and model answers, and Speaking activities are designed to improve fluency and accuracy, and to help students express themselves with confidence. Grammar sections provide additional focus on developing the necessary grammar for the Reading and Use of English paper. Vocabulary input is at C1 level and is informed by English Vocabulary Profile research. Grammar and vocabulary work is integrated with exam practice, and include exercises informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus of real exam candidates’ answers.

دانلود فایل PDF کتاب زبان آموز Compact Advanced

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