How Vocabulary، مسائل عمده ای را که مربوط به آموزش و یادگیری واژگان هستند ارائه می دهد. این کتاب به وسیله صداهای برجسته در زمینه یادگیری زبان دوم نوشته شده است و این کتاب طیف گسترده ای از فعالیت های عملی را طراحی می کند تا به یادگیری واژگان دانش آموزان کمک کند.

How Vocabulary Is Learned presents the major issues that relate to the teaching and learning of vocabulary. Written by leading voices in the field of second language acquisition, the book evaluates a wide range of practical activities designed to help boost students’ vocabulary learning. Some issues discussed in the books: How many words should students learn at a time, and how often.
How much classroom time should be spent teaching vocabulary. The best way to group vocabulary for learning. Why it is useful to provide students with the L1 translations of unknown words. Why some students make greater progress than others.

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