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دانلود کتاب آموزش گرامر Real Grammar ، منبعی مناسب جهت فراگیری نکات گرامری به صورت خود خوان با زبانی ساده و روان مناسب سطوح مختلف.

A self-study and teaching resource for intermediate learners of English.
Real Grammar takes a fresh approach to English grammar. Real Grammar gives you freedom to communicate effectively in English with clarity and confidence.
Traditional grammar books tell you what people say. Real Grammar explains why we say it.
Learning why will allow you to truly understand English. You will discover the core concepts of English and gain a deeper understanding of how English words. Once you understand the simple connected core concepts of English, you can use them in a variety of situations to express a wide range of ideas. Real Grammar explores English Grammar in a logical way, connecting what you learn with what you already know.

دانلود کتاب Real Grammar

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