the power of positive teaching

دانلود کتاب The power of Positive Teaching

کتاب The power of Positive Teaching راهنمایی ضروری جهت تدریس موثر است که با فرمتی ساده و کوتاه به نگارش در آمده است.در هر صفحه مقدمه ایی از مشکلات خاص موجود در کلاس مطرح می گردد و سپس راهکار مناسب آن نیز به نمایش گذاشته می شود.

Valuable and innovative classroom management strategies fill this indispensable guide to effective teaching. Explained in an easy-to-follow, concise format, each 2–3-page strategy includes a brief introductory scenario illustrating the technique’s usefulness in the classroom, steps to implementing the strategy, a discussion of potential problems and suggestions for managing them, and viable ideas for adapting the techniques to fit different teaching situations. Quick-reference teacher-friendly sections include strategies that gain and maintain students’ attention, build teamwork, keep students organized, enhance review and reinforcement lessons, and help sustain a positive learning environment.

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