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The book is thorough in its coverage but pays most attention to points that are of importance to intermediate and advanced learners of English, and to their teachers.It is equally suitable for quick reference to Details and for more leisured study of broad grammar topics.

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این کتاب به تشریح کامل و نظام وار شکل های ساختاری و نحوه کاربرد آنها در انگلیسی با لهجه بریتاتیایی می پردازد.تاکید بر معناست که طبق آن ساختار انگلیسی شکل می گیرد.

مطالب کتاب Oxford Guide to English Grammar مناسب زبان آموزان سطح متوسط به بالا و اساتید آنها می باشد. و همچنین می تواند به عنوان مرجعی جهت یافتن سریع مطالب ساختاری مورد نیاز باشد.


The Oxford Guide to English Grammar is a systematic account of grammatical forms and the way they are used in modern standard British English today.

• The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern.

• Each chapter starts with a summary which reviews the topic as a whole and shows readers where to find the particular information they need.

• Authentic texts are used to demonstrate features of discourse.

• Many single-sentence example are also authentic.

• Wherever it is helpful, examples are marked as formal or informal, literary or conversational.

• Dependable advice is give on the avoidance of non-standard and incorrect usage.

• A chapter is devoted to differences between American and British grammar.

• Technical terms are used sparingly, and defined in a glossary. (less)

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