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دانلود کتابهای فرندز 3 Friends

کتابهای فرندز 3 Friends

مجموعه فرندز friends در چهار سطح توسط انتشارات پیرسون به چاپ رسیده است که مناسب سنین 10 تا 15 سال  و با لهجه بریتیش British می باشد.در این مجموعه سعی شده است با توجه به سبک های مختلف یادگیری کتابها به نگارش دراید و سرعت رشد زبان آموزان از کودکی به نوجوانی لحاظ گردد.

Friends 3

Children grow and mature at different speeds as they make the transition from childhood to adolescence. Friends makes sure you can deal with the different learning styles involved so there is something for every kind of student in your class.

  • Your students’ unique learning styles will be catered for thanks to Friends’ varied contexts including humour, fiction, real life, cross–cultural and cross-curricular material
  • Your students will have plenty of opportunity to learn and practise thanks to the three- stage lessons of presentation, comprehension and practice
  • Your students will learn new vocabulary and spelling, recycle grammar and learn how to structure written texts thanks to the detailed reading programme, designed in co-operation with Penguin Readers
  • Your students will enjoy your lesson with all the fun activities and mini-plays at the back of the Students’ Book

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کتاب زبان آموز فرندز 3 – Friends 3 Student Book


کتاب کار فرندز 3 – Friends 3 Activity Book


کتاب استاد فرندز 3 – Friends 3 Teacher Book


کتاب آزمونهای استاندارد فرندز 3 – Friends 3 Test Book

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