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دانلود کتاب Cambridge English Proficiency Practice Tests

Five practice tests for the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) exam.

مطلب حاضر در برگیرنده فایل PDF کتاب Proficiency Practice Tests از انتشارات آکسفورد می باشد.کتاب Proficiency Practice Tests دربرگیرنده 5 آزمون کامل سطح فوق پیشرفته به همراه کلید می باشد.

Key features

  • The author’s experience and detailed knowledge of the exam ensure that the test papers closely replicate the new exam in level and format.
  • Stimulating reading and listening texts from a range of sources give students vital experience in coping with the variety of material in the exam.
  • There are four complete speaking tests.
  • Authentic sample answers for Paper 2 and the summary writing task in Paper 3 are provided, with marks and helpful assessments.
  • Two editions are available, with and without key. The with key edition contains a unique extended key with detailed answers, including explanations of why incorrect answers are incorrect.
  • The practice tests are ideal for classroom use or as an invaluable self-study resource.

Proficiency Practice Tests PDF with Key


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