Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms

دانلود دیکشنری اصطلاحات Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms

دیکشنری اصطلاحات Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms با مطالعه دقیق مجموعه بیشماری از متون مختلف گرداوری و تهیه شده است بنابراین کاملا منحصر به فرد است. اصطلاحات Idioms یکی از مهم ترین و دشوارترین اهی وازگان Vocabulary هر زبانی به حساب می آیند.

Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms

The Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms, like other Cobuild dictionaries, is based on an extensive study of a large corpus of modem English texts, and so it is in a unique position to describe idioms in current English. Idioms are one of the most interesting and difficult parts of the English vocabulary. They are interesting because they are colorful and lively, and because they are linguistic curiosities. At the same time, they are difficult because they have unpredictable meanings or collocations and grammar, and often have special connotations. Idioms are frequently neglected in general dictionaries and in classroom teaching, because they are considered marginal items which are quaint but not significant. Yet research into idioms shows that they have important roles in spoken language and in writing, in particular in conveying evaluations and in developing or maintaining interactions. The Cobuild Dictionary of idioms sets out to give detailed coverage of these points.

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