دانلود کتاب The Structure of English Clauses Textbook

کتاب The Structure of English Clauses Textbook به آموزش ساختار زبان انگلیسی می پردازد و مناسب دوره های آکادمیک می باشد.

This is a textbook about English grammar, intended for students in higher education. It has several related aims. First, it aims to describe a large number of English grammatical structures, though it does not pretend to be comprehensive. The structures selected belong in general to units of higher rank than words, and have verbs rather than nouns as their nuclear elements. In accordance with recent developments in linguistic theory and description, much attention is given to the grammatical means that speakers have at their disposal with which to signal their communicative intentions. The material is also chosen so that it will make for a unified exposition that can be read straight through; the book is not intended primarily as a reference work.

متاسفانه فایل مد نظر از روی سرور پاک شده است.


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