Beyond Training

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کتاب Beyond Training به بررسی چگونگی پیشرفت مدرسین زبان دوم و تاثیرپذیری عملکرد مدرسین به وسیله اصول و باورهای شان می پردازد.کتاب Beyond Training (آنسوی آموزش) بخ دنبال پردازش مباحث پیشرفت مدرسین بان آنسوی آموزش است.

Beyond Training (Perspectives on Language Teacher Education) examines the nature of second language teacher development and how teachers’ practices are influenced by their beliefs and principles. It seeks to move discussion of language teacher development beyond the level of “training,” which reflects a technical view of specific teaching practices. Instead, it takes a more holistic approach to teacher development built on the notion of the teacher as critical and reflective thinker. The argument pursued throughout is that teacher education needs to engage teachers not merely in the mastery of techniques, but in an exploration of the knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes that underly their teaching practices.

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