Using Mailing List Extends English Learning Time and Space

Using Mailing List Extends English Learning Time and Space and Expand Topics Beyond Classroom in High School English Classes.

The need for the help of technology and the internet in language learning and teaching programs  is an issue of utmost importance. Mailing list can provide a wealth of advantages to foreign  language learners and teachers. The purpose of my action research was to examine how mailing list could be used more effectively as an instructional and learning tool to provide my students with more input than they would normally expect from class time, which typically amounts to not more
than 2 hours per week.My students, who were second graders in Farzanegan High school,were provided with more time and space to practice English outside of class. Using mailing list gave my students an additional context to do some extra readings and practice grammatical structures that were linked to topics being covered in class. In this study, I suggest that teachers integrate this great tool into their teaching practices to spare their students more chunks of time and space to expand their knowledge of English language.

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