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دانلود کتابهای Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition

دانلود کتابهای Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition

در این بخش دانلود کتابهای Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition را برای کاربران عزیز به اشتراک گذاشته ایم.

این کتابهای توسط انتشارات لانگمن و در سه سطح مقدماتی، متوسط و پیشرفته به چاپ رسیده است.

Vocabulary and Idiom

Vocabulary and Idiom is designed to teach, test and practice the vocabulary of EFL students at a level leading up to the Cambridge Proficiency examination. A wide range of topics is covered through a variety of enjoyable exercises which include gap-filling, matching, word-formation and word-building. Well over 2000 lexical items are introduced Advanced Vocabulary and Idiom can be used both in the classroom and by learners studying independently Features include:

  • 12 topic areas including city lift, fashion and advertising
  • gap-filling and matching exercises on related word groups such as time, money and people
  • extensive coverage of idiom including collocations and phrasal verbs
  • practice in word-building and word formation
  • separate sections on description, style and spoken English
  • a miscellaneous section including geo-political names, abbreviations and proverbs
  • word games

در انتها صفحاتی را به عنوان نمونه برای کاربران عزیز به اشتراک می گذاریم.

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سطح Elementary


Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition Elementary PDF Book


سطح Intermediate 


Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition Intermediate PDF Book


سطح Advanced


Vocabulary & Idioms New Edition Advanced PDF Book

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