vocab and grammar for TOFEL

کتاب Vocabulary and Grammar For TOEFL Test

در این بخش کتاب Vocabulary and Grammar For TOEFL Test را برای کاربران عزیز به اشتراک گذاشته ایم.

این کتاب مربوط به تقویت دانش لغات و گرامر دانش آموزان جهت شرکت در آزمون تافل می باشد.

کتاب Vocabulary and Grammar For TOEFL Test دارای دو بخش مجزا مربوط به گرامر و لغات می باشد که هر کدام از این بخشها شامل 20 درس می باشد.


If you’re working towards taking the TOEFL* Test and want to improve your vocabulary and grammar, this is the book for you. You will master the language that you need for all sections of the test, be fully prepared for all question types, and achieve TOEFL Test success.

• Twenty units covering academic topics from arts to sciences
• Practice exercises providing coverage of all test question types
• Vocabulary and Dictionary Skills boxes focusing on prefixes, suffixes and roots, to develop better word-building skills

• Twenty units reviewing key grammar points with sample sentences showing grammar in context
• Grammar practiced within academic subject areas
• Full coverage of TOEFL test question types and a range of general practice exercises

Study tips
• Strategies to support independent learning .

Test information and tips
• Facts about the test and strategies for success
Overview of the TOEFL test
• Test summary giving you an easy-reference overview of every section of the test
• MP3 audio CD and complete scripts
Answer key
• Complete key for checking your answers

در انتها صفحاتی را به عنوان برای کاربران عزیز به اشتراک می گذاریم.





Vocabulary and Grammar For TOEFL Test Book PDF

Vocabulary and Grammar For TOEFL Test Audio

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