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مجموعه اموزش زبان Today در چهار سطح مختص نوجوانان با لهجه امریکن توسط انتشارات پیرسون به چاپ رسیده است.در این مطلب مجموعه Today ! 1 برروی سایت قرار گرفته است.

درصورت نیاز به دیگر سطوح ما را از ان مطلع سازید.


is a four-level course that shapes learning around the individual, understanding that no two students are the same. Lessons feature kids in authentic situations, making English easier to understand, learning more enjoyable and teaching more effective!

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Today! is a media-rich English language course that helps teach mixed-ability classes. It understands that no two students are the same in their learning styles and allows you to tailor learning to individual needs.


There are two entry points: a Starter level for complete beginners and Level One for students with a little formal knowledge of English. A diagnostic test at the beginning of the course helps you choose the right level for your students.



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