Language Learning and Use in English-Medium Higher Education

دانلود کتاب Language Learning and Use in English-Medium Higher Education

کتاب حاضر به تعریف انتقادی و تشریح فهم بهتری از اموزش زبان برای اهداف آکادمیک است.این کتاب می تواند منبعی مناسب برای اساتید و دانشجویان محترمی باشد که به دنبال بررسی  تجارب آموزش زبان انگلیسی و کاربرد ان توسط زبان آموزان دوره های پیشرفته باشد.

Language Learning and Use in English-Medium Higher Education

This book critically refines and adds depth to current understandings and practices in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and EMI (English-Medium Instruction), using empirical research examining the experiences of English language learning and use of undergraduate and postgraduate international students in the UK. The author illuminates the language learning that takes place in and around English-medium higher education settings, both formally and informally, with a specific focus on courses with a creative or professional practice orientation.
Drawing on theoretical insights from socio-cultural Second Language Acquisition, this volume capitalises on the synergies between applied linguistics and higher education research to paint a richer picture of the interactions facilitating student growth as confident and competent communicators in globalised academic and professional settings. Considering the broader implications of language development initiatives, this volume will be of interest to students and scholars of applied linguistics, English as a Second Language and second language acquisition.


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