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دانلود کتابهای Unlock Level 1 Books

مجموعه Unlock توسط اتشارات کمبریج و در 5 سطح آکادمیک به چاپ رسیده است.کتابها براساس مهارت خواندن ، نوشتن و شنیدارو گفتار تقسیم شده اند.

مطلب حاضر دربرگیرنده فایل PDF کتابهای این مجموعه است.

Unlock Level 1 Books

Unlock is a five-level academic skills course that combines carefully scaffolded exercises, a comprehensive approach to critical thinking and motivating video.

Unlock Reading and Writing Skills Level 1 provides 60-90 hours of classroom material. Access to the Online Workbook is provided via a code packaged with the Student’s Book.

Critical Thinking sections give students frameworks to formulate their own opinions and express themselves effectively in the end-of-unit academic tasks.

Unique research into common learner errors (using the Cambridge English Corpus) focuses the language used in Unlock on those areas learners find most challenging.

Unlock 1 Listening and Speaking Student Book

Unlock 1 Listening and Speaking Audio Files

Unlock 1 Listening and Speaking Teacher Book

Unlock 1 Reading and Writing Student Book

Unlock 1 Reading and Writing Teacher Book

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