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کتابهای Attitude باعث می شود که دانش آموزان نگرش مثبتی نسبت به یادگیری نکات کلیدی زبان انگلیسی داشته باشند. با استفاده تمرینات موجود در کتابهای Attitude ، می توان نگرش دانش آموزان را درگیر یک تجربه یادگیری نمود که هم با واقعیت فعلی آنها معنادار است و هم مرتبط.

کتابهای Attitude در شش سطح توسط انتشارات  Macmillan  جهت دوره های جوانان و بزرگسالان به چاپ رسیده است.

Build Positive Attitude
Ensuring that students have a positive attitude to learning is the key to their success. Through a series of high-interest topics, challenges, and reflective activities, Attitude engages students in a learning experience that is both meaningful and relevant to their current reality.

Develop with Attitude
Attitude introduces a unique focus on the development of study and writing skills, empowering students to become effective learners through awarenessraising activities, learning tips, and follow-up tasks.
Communicate with Attitude
With solid learning foundations, students will have the confidence to express themselves, reflect who they are, and approach learning with attitude!

Attitude lets you be who you really are in English!

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Attitude starter

Attitude starter Student’s Book PDF

Attitude starter Work’s Book ODF

Attitude starter Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude starter Student’s Book Audio

Attitude starter Work’s Book Audio


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َAttitude 1

Attitude 1 Student’s Book PDF

Attitude 1 Work’s Book ODF

Attitude 1 Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude 1 Student’s Book Audio

Attitude 1 Work’s Book Audio


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Attitude 2

Attitude 2 Student’s Book PDF

Attitude 2 Work’s Book ODF

Attitude 2 Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude 2 Student’s Book Audio

Attitude 2 Work’s Book Audio


سطح 3

Attitude 3

Attitude 3 Student’s Book PDF

Attitude 3 Work’s Book ODF

Attitude 3 Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude 3 Student’s Book Audio

Attitude 3 Work’s Book Audio


سطح 4

Attitude 4

Attitude 4 Student’s Book PDF

Attitude 4 Work’s Book ODF

Attitude 4 Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude 4 Student’s Book Audio

Attitude 4 Work’s Book Audio


سطح 5

Attitude 5

Attitude 5 Student’s Book PDF

Attitude 5 Work’s Book ODF

Attitude 5 Teacher’s Book PDF

Attitude 5 Student’s Book Audio

Attitude 5 Work’s Book Audio


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