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دانلود نرم افزار Shape It Presentation Plus

مطلب حاضر دربرگیرنده نرم افزار Shape It Presentation Plus می باشد. مجموعه آموزش زبان Shape It  در چهار سطح ویژه آموزش زبان به نوجوانان می باشد که توسط انتشارات کمبریج به چاپ رسیده است.

Shape It! is a four-leveled course for teaching English language to Teenagers. Presentation Plus of Shape It is available in this post.

Shape It! is designed to help students take ownership of their learning. The combination of learner training and project work helps students develop their individual and collaborative skills in order to become more confident, independent learners. Through vibrant global topics, a focus on developing life competencies and learner autonomy, and supported by powerful digital tools and an abundant range of videos, Shape It! ensures that students will be more motivated to take charge of their own learning, empowering them to shape their own futures.

نرم افزارهای Presentation Plus فقط قابل نصب و اجرا برروی رایانه با سیستم عامل ویندوز Windows می باشد.

Shape It 1 Presentation Plus 

Shape It 2 Presentation Plus 

Shape It 3 Presentation Plus 

Shape It 4 Presentation Plus 

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