how to teach for exam

دانلود کتاب How to Teach for Exam

دانلود کتاب How to Teach for Exam

این کتاب ویژه اساتیدی است که به امر آموزش زبان آموزانی می پردازند که قصد شرکت در آزمونهای بین المللی را دارند.همانند تافل، آیلتس، FCE و دیگر آزمونها.

اساتید گرامی با خواندن این کتاب می توانند با نحوه تدریس این گونه کلاسها آشنا شوند و زبان آموز خود را به خوبی جهت شرکت در آزمون آماده سازند.

How to Teach for Exam is for all teachers of English who are currently teaching exam classes or expect to become involved in exam teaching in the future. The approaches discussed in this book should be of interest, both to teachers who are very experience and to those who have been working for a relatively short time. Teacher trainers and trainees will also find useful and accessible ideas for skills teaching in How to Teach for Exam.

Chapter 1 highlights some of the main differences between teaching an exam class and teaching a general language class and suggests ways of balancing teaching and testing as the course progresses. Chapter 2 looks at the exam course planning and choosing materials. Chapters 3 to 7 deal with the skills and competences tested in exams at intermediate level and above. The Exams overview appendix summarizes the range of English language exams available internationally.

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