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جواب کتاب کارFour Corners

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جواب کتاب کارFour Corners

Four Corners Workbook Answer Key and Listening Script

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کلید کتاب Four Corners

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Four Corners is a course in American English that integrates a framework on measurable learning outcomes with a tried-and-true communicative approach.

Four Corners is an integrated four-skills course for adults and young adults who want to use English to communicate effectively in daily life. Easy and enjoyable to teach. It combines proven communicative methodology with a practical outcomes-based approach. Four Corners features a clear presentation of vocabulary, a thorough grammar syllabus, and an everyday functional language lesson in every unit together with systematic practice of all four skills. Four Corners places special emphasis on helping students become confident and competent speakers of English. Speaking activities at the end of every lesson, tied to clearly labeled measurable outcomes, enable students to see the results of their learning and help them see their progress.

The ‘Can-do’ course…

The Four Corners syllabus was informed by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, and it takes students from the A1 level (true beginner) through to a strong B1 level (mid-intermediate). Putting practical outcomes at the heart of the syllabus ensures that the language and situations covered really do prepare students for life outside the classroom.

For the ‘Can-do’ teacher…

Easy and enjoyable to teach, Four Corners provides content-rich topics in every unit, extensive opportunities to practice natural English, integrated skills, and a wide variety of engaging speaking activities. Teaching notes in the Teacher’s Edition give you step-by-step guidance on how to teach a unit, when to integrate specific digital components, answers to all the exercises, and ideas for extension activities.

Clarity of instruction…

Every unit in Four Corners contains four lessons: “A, B, C, and D” – each of which has its own learning outcome and culminates in a personalized speaking activity. Lesson “A” presents and practices a first set of vocabulary items and first grammar point of the unit.

Confidence in learning…

In every unit, lesson “B” is dedicated to introduce a functional English strand. Students practice language functions and strategies in relevant, transferable contexts. A final speaking activity encourages students to personalize the new language, and is tied to a specific learning outcome. Linguistic and cultural competencies help students build confidence to communicate effectively in social, educational, and work-related situations and purposes.

Careful and systematic recycling builds effective communication…

Lesson “C” presents and practices a second set of vocabulary items, and a second grammar point in a communicative context. Careful and systematic recycling, and exposure to new language enable students to use grammatically well-formed sentences in effective communication.

Complete coverage of the four skills…

Four Corners develops your student’s ability to effectively use English across the different modalities of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while systematically promoting personalization and cultural fluency in a variety of real-life contexts presented in lesson “D”.

‘C’ is also for Consolidation…

Each unit in Four Corners ends with a Wrap-up page that consolidates the vocabulary, grammar, and functional language from the unit and encourages students to use different sources from the real world to learn more about a topic of interest.


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