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نرم افزار Read Right Active Teach

مجموعه Read Right در 6 سطح توسط انتشارات پیرسون جهت آموزش مهارت Reading به چاپ رسیده است.مطلب حاضر دربرگیرنده نرم افزار Read Right Active Teach می باشد.

Read Right

Read Right! helps students become better readers and writers and understand the characteristics of different types of texts. It’s a 6-level series that complements any primary to secondary textbook. Each reading lesson begins with a short text where the skill is pre-taught, and it’s followed by another text and a variety of comprehension, vocabulary and writing activities.

The first levels begin with concepts such as main idea and details, order of events, drawing conclusions, fantasy and reality, fact and opinion, and character. As the learner advances to higher levels, the reading and writing skills acquired are more challenging. By the end of the series, learners are skilled in literary analysis (plot, characters, theme and setting), comparing and contrasting, paraphrasing, recognizing the author’s purpose and point of view, among others.

  • Reading selections cover a wide-range of literary genres: narrative, descriptive, imaginative expository and persuasive.
  • Writing sections focus on prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.


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